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Swan - Home Lift - European design - World Class Quality - Made In India.

Safe & Reliable Swan is offered with whisper smooth Gearless machine or hydraulic System

Swan uses automatic doors for hands free ease of operation. This is a boom for physically challenged people as well as adds style to the modern discerning genre.

Wide range of PRISMA DSA Doors - telescopic, center opening, slim execution, available in Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, Vision window, Glass Metal, Full Glass (Diamond doors) to match home décor. Customized Cabin designs available to meet individual Customer needs.

At it’s heart, Swan has a superior electronic controller with VF drive (for gearless machines) from DSA. Optional latest technology Remote Monitoring System through GPRS connectivity is also available.

Swan is available for indoor as well as outdoor execution to form an integral part of the building / home.

Swan allows faster turnaround for installers. The pre-fabricated structure available in absence of constructed shaft  is easy & quick to install. Available in a variety of finishes including Stainless Steel. The enclosures can be glass, composite material or pre-coated steel.